Behind the name of Babooshka is Marian Bodenstein, who, in addition to being a member of bands from the new German punk scene such as Lassie or Lafff Box, is a renowned illustrator who signs as FuzzGun and is in charge of the graphics of countless bands and concerts.
As last year he was playing with Lassie and every morning he was the last one to leave when closing the club , we didn’t hesitate when he asked us if he could come and play some records. It’s been a while since we’ve seen anyone dancing so much, so we’re pretty sure he’ll make the others dance too.
Here is the list he has sent for us to have an idea of what his sets will be like

Top 5 (current not all time fav ):

1. Goldman Sex Bataillon ( Gordon Spicer Band ) – Telephone Bore
2. The Penetrators – It’s my Life
3. Nikkie and the Corvettes – Girls like me
4. The End – People talk
5. Sexual Harrassment – If I gave you a party

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