The Mindreaders (UK)

After the demise of the Len Bright Combo what was left was Russ Wilkins and Rockin Richard.

They needed a guitar player who could play heavy rhythm and screaming lead guitar either with fingers, glasses or spanner. It was obvious – Sexton Ming was in.

They recorded a short album in 27 minutes, live – one take one track one mistake. Not long enough to release they recorded a live show on a cassette player and Ban The Mindreader was born! Empire Records were releasing successful singles and had one successful LP 'Live at the MIC'. They then released the Mindereaders LP – it was to be their last release.

The name comes from a mysterious piece of graffiti which was written on an old brick wall down by a railway bridge in Rochester. Next to it was another piece of graffiti which said ‘Milkshaks’ nobody ever understood that one.

They had not met for nearly 30 years till they performed last March- 2017 at the legendary 100 Club in London at the Medway Weekender.