The Revelators (USA)

Exploding from the middle of nowhere with no fans, no scene, and no reason to exist, the Revelators (guitar, drums and vocals, no bass) recorded one of the greatest punk/garage/roots/whatever you wanna call it/ROCK N' ROLL albums of all time with "We Told You Not To Cross Us" and then promptly fell off the face of the earth before the follow-up "Let a Poor Boy Ride" was even released. Both LPs are now regarded as lost classics

Brutal, wall of noise guitar sounds that rip and snort, out of control drums and a pissed off singer all combine to make a wild and fun racket in somewhat of a blues mode. But way too punk and noisy for the blues purists, and certainly not at all hardcore punk, these guys tread that narrow line that should appeal to many, but in reality, probably won’t as they don’t neatly fit into any category. But fuck that, these guys kicked ass harder than just about any band around, they deserve major  time at your next party.

(Should mention that the guitarist in this band is none other than John Schooley (of JS and His One Man Band) who is also playing this edition for all of us)