Davila 666 PR

Davila 666 is a Puerto Rican band born from the local underground scene that began its journey in the summer of 2005. His singer, Sir Charles, was "tired of this shit" and wanted to play something simple and raw. He joins A.J. (bass and voice) and other island musicians creating a spontaneous sound with "no bicheria" result of mixing a little of each of their idols: Iggy, Otis, Dolls, Spector, Dead Boys, Velvet Underground, Jesus and Mary Chain among many others, and write about things that surround them as the ghetto, love, sex, drugs, fags, wolves and alleys.

After two years of composing songs and playing throughout the island, they decide to make the leap to the American continent and organize themselves a tour of the western United States. The number of fans increases in each concert and one night Larry Hardy (In The Red) attends a show and immediately signs them for his prestigious label. The impact of their first LP is so huge that they tour again the US and jump into Europe playing in venues and festivals (like the Funtastic, where in 2010 we all were flabbergasted in what was their debut concert in our country). They recorded new albums with some of the best labels (Third Man, Douchemaster, Hozac, Rob's House, Norton, Burger ...) being claimed in the most internationally renowned stages (SXSW, Primavera Sound ..) and in 2012, when It seemed that his career was unstoppable, they decide to break up.

In January of the current year, 2019, Davila 666 reunite for a couple of shows on their island that turned out to be as fabulous as those before their break up and the news run like wildfire. We get in touch with them and they accept to return to the first stage where they could be seen in Spain.

It is for us an immense joy and an honour to have them "at home" again one of our favourite bands of this century because Davila 666 represent everything we like. It's garage, yes. But it's also punk, it's pop, it's glam, it's r'n'r. And above all, it is sexy, swine music made from the heart, which far from following corseted clichés, navigates through waters where rules do not exist.

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