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Last month we attended Johnny Notebook's gig in Valencia and we were puzzled, bought all the records they had and we invited them to play. To tell you what the duo is about, we have "stolen" this great review of their last album (on the Barcelona label Cuerdas Fuera) from the blog "Solo es Punk si yo lo digo" by Mugretone.

If you want to read more about this and other punk bands, go to the link below. (Sorry, the blog is written in Spanish!!) (Thanks Mugretone)

"Johnny Notebook is none other than Daniel, guitarist of Dean Dirg, Toyotas, Mano de Mono ... who, in 2011, jumps from "conventional punk" into Synth Punk. He released a 10" under the title of Johnny Notebook and the Gigabytes. In 2014 he releases a new one as JN and the Dark Ages and in 2016 he moved to 12 "(on one side, that's it) and published a record as JN and the Blue Screens. Presumably, every name change refers to the person who accompanies him on each album. Strings Out is the label responsible of this new 7" with the DC10S, who is none other than Kika (Keyboardist of Von Staple and Tetallica). The record contains four songs of pure 80's Synth Punk that inevitably remind me Devo or Units more horny and colorful, but without being a copy at all. In some of the frenetic rhythms of the rhythm boxes you can also think on Sigue Sigue Sputnik, but without all the abusive and disruptive collection of samplers. Let's say that the style is more linear and predictable than SSS, which is easy to check because before you finish each song you know the song. You can also think on the Spits on the way of singing , but not on the synths and noises, that here take a leading role being a little more complex than the simple basic thread that made the Americans at the beginning of their career. Logically the Synth sound brings this project to current bands such as Coneheads, Ausmuteants or Digital Leather, but it is merely a question of sound since the style is, as I said, more classic 80s with no surprises or experimentation. And, definitely, it has nothing to do with the seriousness of Digital Leather. As we could reciently check live,where they had to perform many encores because the audience was not never tired, Johnny Notebook and the DC10S are as fun or more fun than the Coneheads. An injection of energy and good vibes both to get up in the morning and face the day with a smile or to listen at night before going out to burn the city. Nothing new under the sun but they hit the bullseye.

Great record

Mgrtn. "

(Photo: Cristian Beldan)

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