Nuevo Catecismo Católico SP

Basque Country Punk legends, Nuevo Catecismo Catolico, born in San Sebastian in 1992 after the split of La Perrera. Hundreds of concerts, lots of songs in compilations and tributes, 7" and LPs, NCC are one of the most loved punk bands in our country. It's a pleasure for us to have them at home this year .

If you don´t know them yet, listen to their records:

--Nuevo Catecismo Católico (Goo Records, 1993)

--Why she's a girl from the chainstore? (7") (No Tomorrow, 1993)

--En llamas (Goo Records, 1995)

--Un nido de víboras/I won't look back (7") (Goo Records, 1995)

--Aún no habéis visto nada (No Tomorrow, 1996)

--Nuevo Catecismo Católico/Shock Treatment (Split 7") (No Tomorrow, 1996)

--Generación perdida (No Tomorrow, 1998)

--To hell & back (MiniLP) (Punch Records, 1999)

--Dame rock (7") (Zaunka Diskak, 1999)

--Scarred for life (Punch Records, 2001)

--The Safety Pins vs Nuevo Catecismo Católico: 100% Punk Rock superfight!!! (Split LP) (H-Records, 2003)

--1530 segundos de... Nuevo Catecismo Católico (No Tomorrow, 2006)

--Señor No vs Nuevo Catecismo Católico, No Tomorrow cumple 16 (Forever) (Split 7") (No Tomorrow Records, 2009)

--NCC & Kid Slug, a tribute to The 101'ers (Split 7") (Bi Batean Diskak, 2011)

--Los años en Goo Records (Reedición) (Sólo para Punks, 2012)

(Photo Juxe Areta)

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