So What (USA)

There weren't any groups playing the kind of music the lads in SO WHAT wanted to hear so they had to invent their own genre. They call their music "Hard 'Gum". As in, hard bubblegum. Basically, super catchy stick-in-your brain-for-days melodies like THE OHIO EXPRESS, CRAZY ELEPHANT, and JOEY LEVINE, but without the twee subject matter and much, much LOUDER. SO WHAT are an amalgam of the records they collect: JUNKSHOP GLAM/BUBBLEGUM/PROTO PUNK. They come on like the bastard sons of THE EQUALS, JOOK, and bubblegum/glam era GIORGIO MORODER. Their sweet spot of reference is '68 to '74, before the dreaded disco plague forever ruined going the discothèque. SO WHAT just wants you pretend disco never happened and clap your hands and stamp your feet!
PAUL OXBORROW plays guitar and does backing vocal. Lead vocals and lead guitar are by JASON DUNCAN. Their second-to-none rhythm section is comprised of OMAR PEREZ on bass guitar and DOMINIC RIVELLI (now JOHN TYREE) on drums. They played their first show in December 2013. They recorded their debut single with CHARLIE KARR (Hot Lunch, Harold Ray Live In Concert) engineering. It was released in July 2014 on Grazer Records. Their second single "Why Can't I See You Tonight" was released in May 2016 on Just Add Water Records. Their debut LP "Hard Gum" co-released by Just Add Water Records and Surfin' Ki was released in December 2016.