The Gears (USA)

Los Angeles punk veterans The Gears may not enjoy the worldwide infamy accorded X or the Germs, but the band is nonetheless a critically important strain of this city’s raging, late '70s punk-rock virus. Although they came to life at the tail end of the infection, The Gears distinguished themselves with a potent sound that combined the class of '77’s buzzsaw bounce with some classic, elemental components — the clattering impact of Dick Dale, a pungent, blues-informed throb, Charlie Feathers’ war cry — to make them one of most popular bands in Southern California.
When Chris Ashford, ( the man behind jewels as 7" and Lp's  of The Germs, Agent Orange, The Dils, Skull Control, The Controllers, The Gears, Davie Allan & The Arrows and The Ventures on What Records  and Iloki Records,) contacted us to tell us that the band wanted to play in Europe to promote the documentary that he has made on them, "Do not Be Afraid to Pogo", we didn´t hesitate to offer "our house", so , here we are, waiting for them to remember the nights of  The Hong Kong Cafe and The Vex, the legendary dens of Los Angeles where  was cooked a scene  that is still remembered by all punk fans.
(Foto: John Sax)