Barbara Blaze (AU)

Bringing Go-Go glamour to the DJ set Barbara Blaze is always swinging her hips as she plays her fave 45s and select LPs. Finest 60s Girl-Garage sound, British Beat, Go-Go dance floor fillers are her forte plus a little Twist, Cha-cha-cha and Grind thrown in for good measure. "The more kitsch ’n’ crazy the record, the better” is her motto. Babz is head honcho at The Wild Weekend (coming in April 2019) and The LuWOW Tiki parties, she is singer with The Diaboliks and makes vintage costumes & clothes under ”Babzotica”. Come and have a twist with me!

Top 5 today:

  1. Harlem Library - Kenny Lynch
  2. I Do - Goldie & The Gingerbreads
  3. Ookie Dookie - Leon Martin
  4. Spunky Onions - Billy Davis & The Legends
  5. Handsome Boy - The Ladybirds