Felix A. Dominguez (SP)

His way of life’s always flirts with social exclusion, name it member of Las Munjitas del Fuzz and ex-member of Spanish 60’s punk combo Dr Explosion and a few others of even worse status. His aspects as a mod/6t’s deejay, organizer of mod weekenders such as Euroyeye and The Beat Goes On (and sadly missed S.O.U.L. weekender), and frantic monthly club Bárbaro Chico music producer and director of underground own record label Trouble&Tea are widely known (by only a few freaks, let’s face it). Of negligible cultural preoccupations so trifling, his essays and written works for magazines and other media have gone deservedly unnoticed for the educated reader nearly as much as his diary book (Subterfuge 1996), the publication of “50 Años de Motown: el Sonido de la Joven América en España” (2009), or his direction of the project/publication “La fábrica de Lambretta en España: visita a sus instalaciones en Eibar” (2015), a great deluxe book about lambretta in Spain. 
Proud President of Lambretta Club of Spain and editor of its official magazine since 2002, he collects –overexcited- all Spanish lambretta models and all its memorabilia. He also accumulates unexpensive cool retro watches, Playboy mag issues from 1965 to 1970 and vinyl records, big and small, of a time spectrum a bit broader than the aforementioned men publications.  Whatever funds he does not spend in these hobbies (not much really), he spends in travelling and tailor made or vintage clothing. Hyperactive to paradigm, stubbornly constant in its plans, he’s gradually renouncing to nonsense hard partying and to liking grumbling and “sitting back and laughing”. He’s sure that the world as we know it will disappear in less than 30 years… “An old fart” to put it midly and define him properly.