Jordi Duró (SP)

Jordi is into the BIG BEAT and plays a mixture of raw R'N'B, RAB, Early Soul and mad dance songs. As a collector, he is responsible of a few bootlegs, which he claims to have done only to design their covers. He is a Resident DJ at the Boiler since 2004.

"I’ve been deejaying and comping LPs for years, sharing the tracks i discover. It will be a pleasure to return to the Funtastic Fest and take off from this planet for a few days."

Top 5 today:

  • Kavetts - I've Got A Story To Tell You
  • Harold Jackson - The Freedom Riders
  • The Romancers - She took my oldsmobile
  • Valiants- Tequila Twist
  • The Rangers - Justine