Oihane & Axel (DE)

This Basque-German cartoon version of Tip & Coll is based in Berlin, where they organize shows and parties by the name of Shit Room. They've been deejaying in parties like Nothing Nice To Say, Not Now No Way, Get Lost Fest or We're Loud.

Oihanes's top 5 today:

  1. Nicky Bulldog ‎– Chewingum Rock
  2. Scarface - Tootsie Roll Baby
  3. M.K.T. - Rock & Roll Party
  4. The Law - I Just Want Your Body
  5. Antler Joe and The Accidents - Dogshit

Axel's top 5 today:

  • bran vattën - i just wanna rock and roll you
  • flamin' groovies - second cousin
  • ducks deluxe - coast to coast
  • dr. feelgood - back in the night
  • dawgs - shot of your love