Sebas Avilés (SP)




IT'S GROOVY BABY !!! " Possibly his most recurrent phrase from the very moment he fell into the magic kettle of the 60's, when he still had bangs. Hedonistic, individualistic, athlete of the night and day ... He likes women and likes wine.
This rascal - and Lord - has been walking out his record box around the best festivals and clubs in Europe specialised in the 60's underground music: Le Beat Bespoke (London), Berlin Beat Explosion, Primitive (Rotterdam), Soundflat Records Ballroom Bash (Cologne) and so on and so on. Also, in Spain (Purple Weekend, Euro Ye-yé, Mushroom Machine, Gambeat Weekend ....). When something sparks his memory, he always has stories to tell, a beer in hand.
He is a tireless trouble maker in his native Palma under his pseudonym Captain Groovy.
Beat and garage to the death!!!

Wowwwwwwwww!! My first time spinning at Funtastic!! 

I think there is not much to explain as the story comes back year after year thanks to Funtastic super staff. Just in  case, I remind you that we are  going to spend a great weekend that can not to be missed. I'll do the same things that I've been doing in the last 2 decades : drinking, dancing, looking at the girls and spinning records ... ( when it happens I promiss don't  forget  to do all of the above), and of course, have fun with my friends.