Sinbad J. Collins (AU)

Sinbad J Collins has been rockin the decks (should that be swabbin?) for many a year and still is as crap as ever. Known for clearing a dance floor in just one record and attempting to fit every single Vanilla Ice record down his trowsers at once. His dj sets are often art movements of themselves and involve lots of frenetic limb flailing. He has never DJed in Timbukto but wouldn’t mind it as there might be some good vinyl there.

Top 5 today:

  • Bo Diddley - Another Sugar Daddy
  • Jack Bedient and The Chessmen - Double Whammy
  • Sal Masi’s untouchables - Pat’s Steaks
  • Dana Gillespie - Just gotta know my mind
  • Ohio Express - Come on Down Mary Ann