The day this fucking stupid dude quit university after only 10 years of slacking around he went to the studio and did what he kept pushing forward his hole life. Recording a fucking song on his own. It turned out alright so he continued and within a blink of an eye the album was finished. And this album is a killer – some people say.

It is fast, it is in your face and you better don’t miss his crazy show.
A man in a giant egg-costume with corpsepaint and only a microphone going wild. Good stuff for your nightmares. Some say it is the best thing they have ever seen, some say it is the funniest and some say it is the sickest shit they have ever seen. Have you ever seen it before? Well…

That dude from Leipzig grabs eggpunk by its crotch. Hoping the egg never hatches. Whatever grows inside – it would come to haunt you.

Don’t miss out on checking his self-animated videoclips for two of his songs! Sick!

Photo: Niels Vinck

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