EXWHITE formed in 2019, after Jonas (aka “Kuba Salami”, mastermind of TURBO DISCOS and rock-legend in LAFFF BOX) recorded the first album “Disco CS” and Pätti (aka “the tentacle” also known as drummer of
amazing bands like DR.URBAN, LÖTFETT or DIE HÜHNERFICKERKOMBO) mixed it. He asked if he could play drums and had the idea to invite Georg (aka “la burne” string-master of DR.URBAN and mother-chicken plus the first intelligent egg of EGGIDIOT) to play bass in the live-band. Few months later Jonas recorded the next album called “STALKER” and added a second guitar, so it needed another guitarist. Franny (you should know her from Deutschpunk-heroes BSCHISSN! or maybe you already heard about fever-originators HOT CHICKS?) came right around the corner and just added two strings to her beloved bass-guitar. Both tapes released via “KUBA SALAMIS COLLECTION OF MUSIC AND KNOWLEDGE”, while Corona destroys the world Jonas founded the label TURBO DISCOS and was able to release the third album on vinyl called “ESTRAY EP”.
Soon there will be an EXWHITE / THE GOBS split out and the band is looking forward to FUNTASTIC DRACULA 2022!

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