Hi funtastics! Fonsi speaking. You don’t know how happy I am, let’s go to the Funtastic!
Even some of you think “this guy fits more on mod or soul do’s” there is nothing I like more than making people dancing non stop, whatever the challenge is, are you ready?
I’ve been playing records around for a long time wherever I’m called for, however what I always liked the most is playing there where people is more open minded and the styles and styling mingle. My local club, Double Cookin’, the years at the A Wamba Buluba in hometown as well, Watusi in Valencia, Euro Yeye, Fun House in madrid, and in Europe to name a few, federal and Pow Wow in UK, Beat Explosion, Hitch Hike & Cole Slaw in Germany, Dance With The Devil and All Saint Mods in Italy…oh! And starting this year our own weekender in Leipzig, the Jester Wild. Some of you already know it, we wait all of you for next year!
I’m gonna bring screwy instrumentals, monkey songs, “new” hilarious dances, country-disco and whatever is needed to make you shake your booty! See you on the dancefloor!

Top 5
The Fancy Five – Timbuktu

Oscar Martinez Orch. – Tortillitas de manteca

The Sunsets – Theme 1

Pepper Swift – My yo-yo

Sal Masi’s Untouchables – Chang-a-chang

Little Ceaser and The Euterpeans – It ain’t what you do it’s the way how you do it



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