The basque masked duo LOS RETUMBES (retumbe is the roll made by a thunder in the storm) was formed in the summer of 2017 and they only need guitar and percussion to play wild garage, surf and primitive rhythm and blues, pure trash at times.

The songs are loaded with acid and irreverent lyrics, satirical but also with protest. After two EP’s recorded at Circo Perrotti for Family Spree Recordings, just two months ago (April 2022), they release their first LP “Collection of Shit Songs” (Colección de canciones de mierda) for the same label. The producer Andrew Dreg said of the duo:

“They have managed to elevate the word ‘shit’ beyond its meaning. The shit here is everything we like: rhythm, distortion, howling, teenage rush… They don’t invent anything new, but the shit they do is top notch!”

They have toured Spain and some countries in Europe. They have played at some of the most outrageous festivals on the national scene and have traveled thousands of kilometers to enrich Repsol’s shareholders, as they show in their song “Gas Stations”. For this occasion, they are going to do a Basque Country-Benidorm trip just for your fun-pleasure, so don’t miss them. Let’s do the retumbe!!!

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