Metalleg, a New York band whose members are already well known in this house (Dirty Fences, Nancy, Brower…) play a contagious three-chord punk.

They have 5 references recorded to date and if you like spicy pizza nights with strawberry milkshake and spirulina, we recommend you go quickly to their bandcamp and get them all. These guys never disappoint.

“Almost like if Cheap Trick, G.G. Allin and The Ramones had children, these are instantly memorable tunes that keep your head bobbin’ and your toe tappin’,” -Inforty

“This is a quick flash of punk rock meets power-pop meets garage rock that’s instantly enjoyable and hard to forget after just one listen. Hooks, melodies and sing-a-long choruses are all used in spades, making this 20 minutes of timeless punk’n’roll. ” -Tom Haugen (New Noise Magazine)

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