Nacho de la Cruz

After just over a year nearly retired after ten years wasting time and having fun at Louie Louie Club Madrid,  Varo and Paloma come up to me with the “brilliant” idea of  asking me to spin some records and  was impossible to say no.  Fashions are like an alien to me,  so by popular demand I’ll spin punk and power pop HIT after HIT  from the golden age of the genre from mid  to late  70’s plus the often forgotten 80’s Garage Revival.

I will surely spin songs like this. I hope you like them

– FLAMIN GROOVIES; ” Have you seen my baby” Kama Sutra 1971.
– DAVID QUINTON; ” Make up your mind” Ugly Pop 2013.
– SCIENTISTS: ” Last Night” White Rider records 1980.
– SAINTS: ” lipstick on your collar ” Harvest 1977.
– DEAD BOYS: ” All this and more “. Sire 1977.

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