Rick Barzell and Roger Mars


DJ’s Rick Barzell and Roger Mars throw two of the best rock n’ roll parties in Los Angeles: Cretin Hop and Green Slime. They have been spinning together and collaborating on concerts/events for over 10 years, and are very excited to come and spin their own brand of killer punk, fuzzed-out garage, and spooky rock n’ roll records for this year’s Funtastic!

Rick Barzell top 5 current spins:
1. Ambient Noise – I Was There At The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2. The Premiers – Get On This Plane
3. Fat & Hungry – The Streaker
4. Bud & Kathy – Hang It Out To Dry
5. Los Zantos – Mira, Mira

Roger Mars top 5 current spins:
1. Los TNT – L.O.V.E.
2. The Esquires – Sadie’s Way
3. The Romancers – Loves The Thing
4. The Rings – Automobile
5. Los Saltos – Mi Amor Por Ti


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