Dracula Market

We have made a careful selection of records, clothing, accessories and essential goodies for a real funtastic home. In addition to our souvenirs, (T-shirt, poster, wine skin , fan, tote bags, lighters, pens...), you can buy records in "Sleazy Records" (50's & 60s stuff) and "Flexidiscos" (punk) , clothing and accessories in "El Mounstruo" and "Rockeras y Rockeros Gallo", patches and other wonders in "Pepa Peligros", handmade r'n'r monsters and creatures by Marco Funaro, and beat boots/chelsea boots and shoes in "Tomé Shoemaker". Of course you can also buy records from the bands who, as always, will be happy to assist you personally. If you are hungry, there will be pizzas and hot dogs. If you are thirsty, all kinds of drinks in the bars. What is missing?? Swimming pool?? Well, there is one. And with glass walls !!!!