Funtastic 13 Costume Contest

This year and as it is tradition, we will give THREE TICKETS FOR NEXT FUNTASTIC (2019). SATURDAY 3 will be the Costume night and there are three awards:

BEST COSTUME: The theme is free. You can participate both individually or in groups, but the prize will be unique. That means that you can choose a topic with your friends, but if you are the winners, you will have to decide among you who takes the prize, since it's only one. THE PRIZE WILL BE GIVEN THE SAME NIGHT. You must collect your prize on stage. If you don't collect it in an oficial ceremony, the prize will be invalidated and given to someone else. Don't be shy!!!

BEST PHOTO INSIDE THE POOL: As we've already told you, Penelope's pool has a glass wall. We encourage you to swim while your friends take pictures of you. ONCE AFTER THE FESTIVAL we will ask you the pics to make an album that we will post on internet. The most voted photo will be the winner of this award. As in the costumes, you can be more than one in the pool for the photo, but there will only be one prize.

BEST "END OF THE PARTY" VIDEO: Fireworks, confetti rain, crazy dances, broken costumes...last few hours are really mad!! Make short videos of you and your friends!! It has nothing to do with being the most professional or having the best camera to record. As with the photos, we'll ask you for your videos AFTER THE FESTIVAL and the most voted one will be the winner.

If you do not get dressed, take a swim in the pool. OR, stay until the end, but if you do the 3 things, you will have more chances to win.