Mimi de Montmartre

Where does Mimi de Montmartre live? In Paris! She is a beautiful Southern belle astray on the Butte, a gutter cat. Black evidently!
Will you think maybe about the films noirs of the 30’s…and why not the colour of a Mario Bava or the good taste of a John Waters? She listens to the 40's Big bands…. but also the garage punk of the Cramps.
If she were Betty Page, she would be … at the Hullabaloo! She likes Gypsy and Lilly... as much as Kitten and Immodesty!
She’s been strolling across Europe since 2003.
Yesterday in Rome, Brussels, Milan, London, Madrid, Vienna, Porto, Malmo, Rotterdam, Leipzig, Köln,Stuttgart, Valencia, Barcelona… today at home in Paris, tomorrow very near from your place probably.
If you hear a noise of patted steps and a long meowing in the night. That might be her, Mimi, coming to bring you the lights of Pigalle!