Trixie Malicious

Trixie Malicious is a professional Bump n’ Grind Burlesque and Go-Go dancer from Vancouver Island, Canada who loves garage, rock n roll music, and old exploitation movies from the 50’s and 60’s and so she go-go dances not just for profit but also for pleasure, as there is a small devil trapped inside of her that makes her want to move.

Trixie has now moved to London to pursue her interest in bad places and bad people and is one of the only performers in London to specialize in 60’s Grindhouse inspired burlesque strip tease and is heavily involved in the London scene as the resident dancer at Grind-a-Go-Go. She has performed and toured in Canada & the USA (enjoying a stint as a LasVegas showgirl), Italy, Norway, Spain, Holland or England.  among many other places