Four piece Rockn n’ Roll outfit out of LA playing Swinging Trash Blues based on 50’s R’n’B & 60s Garage Punk.
Simon and Nakia Black, the core songwriters, guitarists, and singers, have hand-selected a collective of musicians to play with Coast to Coast. Fall 2021, they had an amazing experience recording a handful of songs with acclaimed producer/mixer or musical wizard, Jesse Mangum, at The Glow Studios in Athens, GA.
Songs from this session are on the upcoming 7” EP release on Chaputa! Records!
Their previous release in 2020, a vinyl split EP on Outro Records,sold out and along with Kafadan Kontak handling the digital release, it was added to over 250 playlists as well as several radio shows and podcasts including WFMU’s The Whig Out and Bubblegum OD, Vinyl Records Association, The Phonograph Rumble, La Trafalgar, KXLU’s No More Heroes, Retrosonic Radio, Too Little Time, Chirp Radio and Racketeer Radio. Abigail, the band’s first Bo Diddley bruiser was debuted on Outro Record’s LA Swinging Sounds compilation “Into the Outro” in 2019.

They are ready, willing and able to rock n’ roll all night, wild and crazy as ever, any place any tyme!

“Finally a band that can tap into the “secret cult” feeling of garage punk music and make you wanna meet them in a back alley with a bucket of blood and a bag of dead cats. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats and these cats who call themselves the Sound Station have weaved their own mystic sound by following the age old K.I.S.S. philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid). I hear loads of cool influences from the Seeds & Music Machine as well as some ol’ Georgia punk sounds ala B-52s or the Black Lips. Hail Hail Rock n Roll! Hail Hail the Sound Station!” ~ King “Bama Lama” Khan

“Brand new band, THE SOUND STATION, making a Bo Diddley/ Seeds /Troggs-inspired noise that’s part wigged-out garage, part raucous R&B and totally killer all round.” ~ Shindig! magazine

“Expect a tsunami of legendary juke philosophizing put over with a lurid twist of hopped up lowdown stomp so tremendously torrid it’s gonna melt your eyeballs right in their sockets”-Jonny Whiteside (LA Weekly)

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