Count Zaremba & Las Munjitas del Fuzz (USA/SP)

Woo Woo Wooooo !!! But what madness is this?!!!
Are you telling me that the most charismatic and alluring intergenerational agitator of all time, THE CONDE Peter cha-cha-cha ZAREMBA of THE FLESHTONES takes the stage to lead the nuttiest trio that our cherised garage scene has given to rockandroll ?? You are right!! The original members of Doctor Explosion,  Sister Jorge, Sister Felix and Sister Varo, converted to The  Fuzz's Ultra Catholicism  as LAS MUNJITAS, the  concubines of  Count  Psicodélico Don Peter Zaremba. An unparalleled dementia !!!
 Only  God knows the result of this... Well, God, and all those who attend their very  first and only show at the WELCOME PARTY of FUNTASTIC DRACULA CARNIVAL 13.
An outlandish fiesta,  a nonsense Way of The Cross praying  Garage, Rockandroll, Freakbeat and Strumming Soul in our beloved Fleshtonia's style.
There is no doubt that EL CONDE and his MUNJITAS will take us to the total ecstasy experience.
The ending of the human race in the style of Ludwig II of Bavaria and the best Spanish Inquisition
Pic: Rob Sweeney