Cyanide Pills (UK)

Think of The Boys, Buzzcocks, The Briefs and you won’t be far wrong.
THE CYANIDE PILLS started life after a few mates, who’d been in bands around the Leeds area decided to pool their resources and form the band they all really wanted to be in, this was mid 2008.
They contacted Carl ‘Razorblade’ Rosamond and went into The Billiard Room studios in Leeds and a few months later demos were sent out to a few labels, including Damaged Goods Records in London, we liked what they heard and in early 2009 their debut single ‘Break It Up’ came out. 
Lots of live dates followed in 2015 & 2016 and a single ‘Government’ and then the band eventually returned to the studio to record their third studio album, which became the wonderful, Sliced And Diced, which came out in March 2017.
Their latest release is a 7″ of ‘Big Mistake’ from the new album plus the exclusive b-side ‘My Baby’s Become A Right Wing Extremist´
2017 finished on a high for the band with Sliced And Diced voted in at number six in Vive Le Rock‘s end of year album poll! They’re not wrong!