Fast punk rock band from San Francisco, California, founded in February 1999 and active till 2005. They played the type of loud, fast and trashy punk rock music that is much beloved of this festival.Composed of a four-piece crew fronted by bassist Greg Lowery (who is the boss of Rip Off Records and had previously been in Supercharger, The Rip Offs , The Infections and currently in The Control Freaks), Jill Haley (vocals, guitar), along with Jeremy Tuman (guitar) and Billy Badass (drums), The Zodiac Killers started creating a buzz in the local underground scene shortly after their first live shows. In 1999, the squad offered its first studio effort, the album “The Most Thrilling Experience”. Ultimately considered as one of the best punk rock albums within the local alternative music scene, the disc projected the Killers’ efforts toward even more recognition. Nearly two years after the release of the first full-length album, the quartet recorded its second major recording, “Have a Blast”, that hit the record stores in February 2001, strengthening even more the band’s notoriety. In 2003, they recorded a new album “Society’s Offenders” and finally in 2005, recorded shortly before they split album number 4, “Radiation Beach”, is arguably their best release though they’re all great. *

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