David Nebot (SP)

I don´t want to bore you by listing all the places where I've spinned. I just want to say that in my sets you will find a variety of styles, always danceable sounds mixing 50s and 60s: garage, rockabilly, frat, tittyshakers, rhythm'n'blues, surfing , black rock'n'roll, soul...

Top 5 today:

  1. "Look at your girl"- Googie Rene (Kapp)
  2. "The Goose"- Duke Drapen (Dkr)
  3. "Jamaican Jungle"- Flash Rubino and the Spunkies
  4. "Jerk (C'mon and Swim)"- Los Rebeldes del Rock (Orfeon)
  5. "Slow Down"- Mal Ryder and the Spirits (Vocalion Pop)