Mr. A

Mr A is a Brighton based promoter and DJ who together with his lady Miss A are the Weird Ohs! behind London club night Weirdsville along with the UK’s wildest themed party weekend Hipsville A Go! Go!

Beware! because this punk likes to shake things up behind the decks so expect the unexpected! as Mr A’s box of Good Taste 45s will be so packed full of punk, garage, instro-mentals, Turkish titty-shakers and even some fist pumping glam, you won’t wanna leave the dance floor!

A long time ago Mr A started to spread his love of trashy rock’n’roll on his You Got Good Taste podcast which began it’s life as a featured show on, now that site has gone you can find his old shows over on Mixcloud.

Top 5 today:

Iron Virgin – Rebels Rule

The Saints – One Way Street

Soda Fraise – Ça Baigne Dans L’huile

The Boys Blue – You Got What I Want

The Renegades – Thirteen Women


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