The weird and the wonderful

Funtastic Dracula Carnival is not a festival, it's a party. As in the best parties, we'll have super-profesional showbiz people coming from all over to turn your weekend in an unforgettable experience. You'll proudly say to the next generations: "I was there".

Our beloved go-go's will be one more year with all of us. This lovely ladies are part of the best parties/festivals around the world: Their beauty, their own made outfits for each show, their spectacular dances and their glamurous sex-appeal make the perfect combination to cautivate our souls.

We also will have the Dracula Market around the pool, where you can but the best records, clothes and all those things you should have in a funtastic home.

If you are hungry we'll have a food stall, so, as you can see, we've organize everything for you to have a great weekend.

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