Fritz Buzzsaw UK

Fritz Buzzsaw has been collecting records since he was a snotty nosed punk rocker. Not much has changed since those teenage years as he’s still diggin’ trashy primitive sounds and keeps that rebellious rock’n’roll spirit going by spinnin’ all manner of rowdy rockin’ noisey 45s to keep the crowds shakin’ and a stompin’ at his London club nite Buzzsaw Joint.

When he’s not spinnin’ records Fritz runs the Buzzsaw Joint mixcloud. that’s devoted to international vinyl delinquents who want to share their killer rock’n’roll mixes with the rest of the world. Now, the high-octane energy of Buzzsaw Joint has manifested into the physical form with a run of compilations on Stag-O-Lee records.

 Top 5 today:

Action Pact - Times Must Change

The Centuries - Jack 23

The Hollywood Tornadoes - Moon Dawg

The Outsiders - Summertime Blues

The Genral Foodz - Love Potion #9

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