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Rata Negra

Rata Negra (Black Rat) from Madrid, were there before you were, and when you go, they come back. A race to the death without brakes that took off in 2014 after the death of Juanita and Los Feos, and that has so far given birth to two LPs and two EPs on the London label La Vida es un Mus. Destined to bend the strongest of wills, forcing you to dance to a punk-pop crossover so honest it would bring Grant Hart to tears and Dan Treacy to his knees, so brilliant The Go-Go’s would cringe, and at the same time so dark and biting as to leave Chris Stein on sight and send the screenshot to Eve Libertine and Joy De Vivre. And when you finally accept on second listen that right now they are more a part of your life than your mother or your partner, while you run your errands, something in the back of your mind reconsiders if the distinction between underground and mainstream ever had sense. There is no one more legitimate, there is no one more accurate. Rata Negra have toured several times in Europe and the United States, reaping a base of unconditional fans in the punk scene for whom, yes, Rata Negra is more important than anything else that happens, even in your city, even at home. Even the father of almost everything, Iggy Pop, played them on his BBC radio show. If you don’t know them yet, you’ll end up celebrating them because if you’re sad they’re fine, if you’re happy they’re fine, if you’re hating they’re fine, and if you want to dance and send everything to hell they’re fine too. And on top of that they sound like glory. *Bio taken from the Spanish label Humo Internacional, where you can find their records and more incredible ones.

Josephine Network

Josephine is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and shapeshifting yenta from New York.
Josephine Network is her queer ultralounge power-pop band. This 8-piece ensemble features Toni Lynn (Apache), Saara Untracht-Oakner (SUO, Boytoy), Nat Brower (Brower, Nancy), Keith Cayea (Brooklyn Bluebirds), Dorian Deangelo (Darien Rectangle), Max Hiersteiner (Dirty Fences, Hershguy) and Jay Pluck (EKP).
“Music is Easy” (Dig!) is their debut solo album of original songs in glittering “soul-gum” style. Her songs are sincere, soulful and sometimes sly.
In 2019, her performance at OK, LQQK was written up in The Forward (“It’s Not Your Bubbe’s Drag Show”) . In 2020, she was a GiantFest Best Music Artist nominee. In 2021, “Music Is Easy” was featured on a special mixtape episode of NPR’s This American Life (“746: This is Just Some Songs”).
In early 2021, she produced a Yiddish-infused glam-punk collab album with Hershguy titled “Stocky Tunes”. Maximum RocknRoll called the album “refreshingly hard to put your finger on, but so good”.
In summer of 2021, Josephine self-produced a dance cassingle, “I Feel Like Rain” on Paris Tapes. The Deli Magazine called it a “groovy, vibey-yet-upbeat, danceable-yet-introspective, life-affirming tune.”
In mid-2021, Josephine Network went electric and enjoyed opening for legendary rock acts Seth Bogart (Hunx & His Punx), and Shannon and the Clams, who then invited them as support for their Spring 2022 US tour.

Sr. Varo

As I am the organizer of this event, no one scolds me if I don´t send a bio or list or anything.

I don’t know the songs that I’m going to play, but I promise to commit every kind of stumbling as I do every year: spin the wrong side, stop the song that it’s on and so on.


Without a warning, it’s been more than 15 years behind the decks in many parties. For ten years our own Shuffle Club nights took place at the much-missed Swan venue, with plenty of the best national and international guest djs; and these days I coorganize the Siluro Garage Beat allnighters, with bands on stage now too. Besides, over these years, those gentle people who spend their time and money on others having a good time, have invited me to spin records in Chicago, London, Germany, Funtastic, EuroYeye, GoSinnerGo and a long batch of retrograde parties in Spain. Oh! For many years I also did a radio show that you still can enjoy on-line here (


This Dutchman is as tall as mad. Resident Dj at Dietpe (RIP) , the (in) famous garage punk club in Amsterdam, among many other venues and clubs, he manages festivals and tours, but is also a road manager, an illustrator, plays drums and guitar in lots of bands (Amoks, Los Looches, The Anomalys, The Pedro Delgados, Sex Organs), and so on and on and on.

We still don’t know what will be in his bag, as he treasures garage 45s, punk, Nederbeat, Bollywood schlock… he digs anything “superloud”!!!

David Nebot

I don’t want to bore you by listing all the places where I’ve spinned. I just want to say that in my sets you will find a variety of styles, always danceable sounds mixing 50s and 60s: garage, rockabilly, frat, tittyshakers, rhythm’n’blues, surf , black rock’n’roll, soul…

Top 5 today:
Night Train – Clint West (Jin)
That’s What its all about- Guitar Slim (Boro)
Come on – U.S. Stamps (Galiko)
Country Girl – Gino and The Gentlemen (KM)
Let’s Shout and Shimmy – The Blue Angels (Cap)

Let’s go crazy one more time !!

Peter Slovenly

DJ PETE SLOVENLY, legendary creator of Slovenly Records provides primitive beats by living, breathing, fucking, intelligent souls! Groups of humans playing instruments with strings and skins! Recordings played from vinyl, like the original DJs (that stands for Disc Jockeys, kids) did on the radio…blaring all kindsa stuff: from frat pounders, 60s beat-punk, garage-fuzz, surf , 70s punk, western & 50s R&R, exotica,60s greasy soul & r’n’b shakers,90s garagepunk trash, jamaican ska,freaky cumbias, and whatever weird-o sounds he finds to make your dancefloor move

Oihane & Axel

This Basque-German cartoon version of Tip & Coll is based in Berlin, where they organize shows and parties by the name of Shit Room. They’ve been deejaying in parties like Nothing Nice To Say, Not Now No Way, Get Lost Fest or We’re Loud.

Top 5 today:

1. Feather – You Got Troubles

2. Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers – Don’t Believe Those Lies

3. British Jets – Another Day In The City

4. The Limit – My World At Night

5. Last Stand – Caviare

Neil Sick

Neil Sick is a degenerate Cramps obsessed weird oh who puts on the Brighton rock’n’roll monthly club nite STAY SICK.

He’s also a fully fledged Weird Oh! guaranteed to get you dancing with his sleazy, greasy rock’n’roll from the fifties and sicksties, including surf, swingin’ rhythm and blues and twistin’ tittyshakers, not forgetting a generous serving of primitive garage punk for all you black leather wearing Weird-Ohs!

Top 5 today:

The Young Tyrants – I Try

The Tokens – ABC 123

Keetie and the Kats – Way Out

The Hard Feelings- Bo’s Bounce

Baby Birkin – Bossa Nova Baby Birkin

Eloy R&B

One day of the last century, I was born. Another day, hidden under a table, I came across rock and roll, at my older sister’s party when I drank too much Pepsi-Cola and it became a nightmare for me to fell asleep. Now, in my second life, the almost perfect balance has arrived. I rock and roll to don´t fell asleep … or maybe I don´t sleep to spin rock and roll? Anyway… my return to Funtastic is for me a musical orgasm that takes away my sleep.

Les ROBOTS “Standoff al Planet T”

Jimmy Ben Band – “Monkey’s in Da House”

Cyanide Pills “The Kids can’t be Trusted with Rock&Roll”

Jimmy Holiday “Love Me One More Time”

Bomboras “Planet of the Ape hangers”


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