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Author: C4ll3ReaQuNC3

Sr. Varo

As I am the organizer of this event, no one scolds me if I don´t send a bio or list or anything.

I don’t know the songs that I’m going to play, but I promise to commit every kind of stumbling as I do every year: spin the wrong side, stop the song that it’s on and so on.

El Bone

This Dutchman is as tall as mad. Resident Dj at Dietpe (RIP) , the (in) famous garage punk club in Amsterdam, among many other venues and clubs, he manages festivals and tours, but is also a road manager, an illustrator, plays drums and guitar in lots of bands (Amoks, Los Looches, The Anomalys, The Pedro Delgados, Sex Organs), and so on and on and on.

We still don’t know what will be in his bag, as he treasures garage 45s, punk, Nederbeat, Bollywood schlock… he digs anything “superloud”!!!

Peter Slovenly

DJ PETE SLOVENLY, legendary creator of Slovenly Records provides primitive beats by living, breathing, fucking, intelligent souls! Groups of humans playing instruments with strings and skins! Recordings played from vinyl, like the original DJs (that stands for Disc Jockeys, kids) did on the radio…blaring all kindsa stuff: from frat pounders, 60s beat-punk, garage-fuzz, surf , 70s punk, western & 50s R&R, exotica,60s greasy soul & r’n’b shakers,90s garagepunk trash, jamaican ska,freaky cumbias, and whatever weird-o sounds he finds to make your dancefloor move

Neil Sick

Neil Sick is a degenerate Cramps obsessed weird oh who puts on the Brighton rock’n’roll monthly club nite STAY SICK.

He’s also a fully fledged Weird Oh! guaranteed to get you dancing with his sleazy, greasy rock’n’roll from the fifties and sicksties, including surf, swingin’ rhythm and blues and twistin’ tittyshakers, not forgetting a generous serving of primitive garage punk for all you black leather wearing Weird-Ohs!

David Nebot

I don’t want to bore you by listing all the places where I’ve spinned. I just want to say that in my sets you will find a variety of styles, always danceable sounds mixing 50s and 60s: garage, rockabilly, frat, tittyshakers, rhythm’n’blues, surf , black rock’n’roll, soul…
Let’s go crazy one more time !!

Eloy R&B

One day of the last century, I was born. Another day, hidden under a table, I came across rock and roll, at my older sister’s party when I drank too much Pepsi-Cola and it became a nightmare for me to fell asleep. Now, in my second life, the almost perfect balance has arrived. I rock and roll to don´t fell asleep … or maybe I don´t sleep to spin rock and roll? Anyway… my return to Funtastic is for me a musical orgasm that takes away my sleep.


Diddy Wah

London based vinyl slinger Diddy Wah is into the wild sounds of early rock’n’roll, primitive surf’n’garage and screamin’ rhythm’n’blues. As well as co-running the Heavy Sugar club nights with Fritz Buzzsaw, he’s often found guest DJing at clubs and festivals in the UK and abroad. You can hear Diddy Wah every month hosting his show on NTS radio and has compiled Slow Grind Fever, Buzzsaw Joint and Rockinitis LPs for Stag-O-Lee Records.

Turista Bang Bang

Tourist Bang Bang, half man half shrimp, half tourist half local as he is from Benidorm. He is the boss at the Spanish Club A Wamba Buluba which used to take place in Barcelona but now it has become an itinerant club, having parties in several cities across Spain.

He is young, stupid, and pretty asshole. Your feet will burn.

Fritz Buzzsaw

Fritz Buzzsaw has been collecting records since he was a snotty nosed punk rocker. Not much has changed since those teenage years as he’s still diggin’ trashy primitive sounds and keeps that rebellious rock’n’roll spirit going by spinnin’ all manner of rowdy rockin’ noisey 45s to keep the crowds shakin’ and a stompin’ at his London club nite Buzzsaw Joint.

When he’s not spinnin’ records Fritz runs the Buzzsaw Joint mixcloud. that’s devoted to international vinyl delinquents who want to share their killer rock’n’roll mixes with the rest of the world. Now, the high-octane energy of Buzzsaw Joint has manifested into the physical form with a run of compilations on Stag-O-Lee records.


Without a warning, it’s been more than 20 years behind the decks in many parties. For ten years our own Shuffle Club nights took place at the much-missed Swan venue, with plenty of the best national and international guest djs; and these days I coorganize the Siluro Garage Beat allnighters, with bands on stage now too. Besides, over these years, those gentle people who spend their time and money on others having a good time, have invited me to spin records in Chicago, London, Germany, Funtastic, EuroYeye, GoSinnerGo and a long batch of retrograde parties in Spain. Oh! For many years I also did a radio show that you still can enjoy on-line here (