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Eel Men are a band formed in June 2021.
Faced with the explosion of the world, they have made use of the adversity. Reflecting the instability of the present and the microcosm of North London, prioritising angular guitars, straight rhythms and fanatical storytelling.
Their second single ‘Archetype/West Green Pirate’, is out now.
As the inaugural release from the Haringey Warehouse District-based imprint Eade Audio. Both songs weave a hangover dream of folly and sneer, further extending their musical and lyrical reach.
Archetype serves as a follow up to the ‘Live at New River Studios’ Cassette, recorded by at the band’s spiritual home in June 2022, and their debut single ‘Are You There God It’s Me/Meantime’ released in August of 2021.
The new single was recorded at Hackney’s fabled hardline analogue institution Toe Rag Studios by Liam Watson and distribution comes from No Front Teeth records. This release also coincides with a shifting of members (Alec joining on bass and Dan switching over to keyboard and percussion) and introducing additional percussive and melodic elements as heard on the B side.
After a series of sold out London gigs at The Shacklewell Arms and New River Studios, 2023 will see the long awaited debut album, UK and international tours, yet continuing to forage the murky waters of their origin.

“London based 4-piece plays raw yet unmistakable heartfelt rock’n’roll, thoroughly out of time and fashion, we do truly worship, joining the dots between Garage, Soul, 60s Beat, Mod, Punk, and Psychedelia, mining Brian Jones and Jeff Beck guitar riffs along with Pretty Things, Troggs or The Action groovy energy, not to mention the ’90s Scouser outsiders The Stairs. The band’s gritty and soulful new single sways and throbs through rambunctious drums, chugging bass lines and relentless abrasive guitar riffs laced with piercing distorted strains, around nostalgic vocal angst, rocking and rolling to the beat of the “archetype.” – WHITE LIGHT//WHITE HEAT, 2023

“Short collection of excellent power pop/mod revival from this British band. If you like the JAM or even the KINKS, this tape will be up your alley. Catchy, melodic vocals with clean strummed guitars and basketball basslines, EEL MEN use the classic vocabulary of British rock music but create something fresh and immediately enjoyable. It sounds polished and DIY at the same time, carefully arranged but still drawn from punk around the edges. All four songs are jams (get it?) and I look forward to more. And if this was really recorded live, EEL MEN are a band to check out, because the performance is flawless” – MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, 2022

“Eel Men have a single out that’s been available for a few months now. This four piece all met up during the bits of lockdown people were allowed to meet up in, jammed some tunes then shortened them enough for a set of fabulous Buzzcocks, Beatles-like, Garage Pop gems. An album is planned for this year and the band are hoping to fulfil their collective dream of gigs in ‘Scunthorpe, Harlow and Atlanta’ according to a scrap of paper found in our top left pocket the following morning after seeing them” – LOUDER THAN WAR, 2021