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New Bomb Turks


The New Bomb Turks are an American punk rock band formed at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, United States, in 1990.The founding members are Jim Weber, Eric Davidson, Bill Randt, and Matt Reber.(Sam Brown replaced Bill Randt on drums in 1999). The band’s name refers to the main character (Newbomb Turk) in the 1980 film The Hollywood Knights, played by Robert Wuhl.
Early on their inspiration came from the Devil Dogs, Lazy Cowgirls, Union Carbide Productions, Didjits, and the Fluid.Music magazine Alternative Press has described their musical style, saying, “Not only have both prole-threat punk bashery and destructo-rock found fresh voices, they’ve been melded into a seamless new terror all its own.”
The New Bomb Turks have released ten full-length LPs, two EPs, and over twenty singles y the most important punk labels: Datapanik, Sympathy For The Record Industry, Get Hip y Bag of Hammers, Crypt Records, Epitaph Records y Gearhead Records.
As of 2005, the New Bomb Turks have slowed down their touring and recording in order to pursue other interests, playing from time to time.
They are one of those bands that will forever mark the punk rock story. To see a concert of the quartet is to live a forbidden experience, a moment suspended between madness, screams, trances and electric shocks. The leader Eric Davidson does not come on stage, he takes it and leaves it only once the public ko standing. DON´T MISS THEM!!!