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Five jerks meet throughout 2022 in the DIY My Heart Your Mouth emo collective and decide to make a band with three main resources: kebab, a sleeping bag to share and a lot of attitude.
They define themselves as synth punk or punkitronica but they treat genres like pokémons: get them all! They like punk, black metal, midwest emo, tontipop and teknaso, although they must admit that they like the most dirty reggaeton on a Wednesday morning in the worst squat in Barcelona. Tetas frías (Cold Tits), also known as frigotetas, sing to both card games and failed Tinder dates, as well as encouraging their friends to kill their rapist or the anarchist history of Barcelona. They have attitude, but what they don’t have is money. They beg you to buy a T-shirt. Special mention to the drummer who is the best musician in Tetas Frías (it’s a computer)