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The Jackets mix the best elements of Rock and Roll into a potent, irresistible cocktail with a ferocity that is full of good humor, high spirited fun, and full blast excitement!
The Jackets are based in Bern, Switzerland and consist of front woman Jack Torera, Chris Rosales (an American expat originally from Los Angeles) and Samuel “Schmidi” Schmidiger.
Charismatic singer and guitarist Jackie Brutsche (aka Jack Torera) is an energetic elemental force, androgynous and wild. With her distinctive voice, her fuzz guitar, stage acrobatics and stage make-up, she captivates. Together with the uncompromisingly rhythm and groove section of Chris Rosales on drums and Samuel Schmidiger on bass the Jackets create the perfect three-piece; raw, direct and together with Brutsche turn every Jackets concert into an unforgettable event.
The Jackets strip Rock and Roll down to its essential components then build something unique to their personalities and their need for self-expression. The music feels new because it is authentic and free of cliché but still captures the simplicity that Rock and Roll must have to stay honest and bold! Songs like “Wasting My Time”, “Keep Yourself Alive” and “Freak Out” have become new anthems for new times but keep the spirit and roots of garage punk in the heart of the song. They mix Punk and Psychedelic ‘60s that make your body move and lyrics that feed your mind. The Jackets are not afraid to play ballads or the most primitive punker. It always sounds groovy when it’s The Jackets!
Since 2008, The Jackets have brought their high energy live performances to stages throughout Europe playing at some of the most well-known festivals in the genre (Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Cosmic Trip Festival, Purple Weekend, Euro Ye Ye, Hipsville, Festival Beat) and America where they have toured the East and West coast of the USA several times including stops in Canada and Mexico.

The Jackets are a universe of their own. They have been moving forward independently and steadily since their formation and have built a large and loyal fan base all over the world. Over the years the band has successfully worked together with several labels releasing four full length LP’s – Stuck Inside (2009, Subversiv Records), Way Out (2012, Soundflat Records) and Shadows Of Sound (2015, Voodoo Rhythm Records). In 2017 the band joined forces with producer and musician King Khan (King Khan & The Shrines) who produced a limited edition 7” vinyl single, Be Myself/Queen Of The Pill (2017) as well as their fourth LP Queen Of The Pill (2019) which was also mixed and mastered by Jim Diamond (White Stripes), both released on Voodoo Rhythm Records. In 2022 The Jackets formed their own label, Wild Noise Records and released the 7″ single, Pie in the Sky/Misery of Man in March of 2023.