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The most deranged band of the effervescent Valencian punk scene, after their fabulous LP “Visión de Futuro” (Flexidiscos/Discodrome Records), gave the world the EP “225 o​.​p​.​m​.​” (Slovenly Recordings). In their relatively short life, taking into account that the pandemic has caught them in the middle, their concerts have multiplied exponentially in the last two years touring Spain and Europe, filling venues thanks to the word of mouth of their numerous fans, who don’t stop to talking about their crazy-amazing shows.

This is what Tyler Sovelove says about them in Maximum Rocknroll:

Coming from Valencia, Spain, FINALE brings a chaotic mix of off-kilter post-punk grooves and smashing hardcore chroruses. Instrumentally, these tracks are absolutely fantastic. They’re sharp and clean, somewhere between JOY DIVISION and DEAD KENNEDYS. The vocals are a little hard to get over. The high-pitched goofiness of the delivery comes off like sped-up WEEN vocals. It meanders back and forth from annoying to funny in a darkly absurd way. If you can look past that aspect, there is a lot to love here.