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Weekend tickets for Funtastic Dracula Carnival grant admission for all three days of the event (Thursday 12 / Friday 13 / Saturday 14 October 2023).

Final price is 85€ (no hidden extra costs). Payment by bank deposit or bank transfer. If you are unable to use your bank account, contact us for alternative means of payment (PayPal).

Tickets for this event are NOMINAL: their purchase is associated to a person’s name which must be the one appearing at an ID or passport to be shown at collection time.

Due to high demand, once you select your requested number of tickets, they will be reserved for you during ten minutes. You will have ten minutes in order to fill your data and finish payment. If your request is not completed after that, it will be cancelled and tickets made available again for general purchase. In order to avoid disappointment, please make sure to have the names of all attendees with you. Do not stress out! There is plenty of time, just do not lag behind.

Once your ticket request is completed, we will email you (within two hours) payment instructions stating the requested number of tickets along with the provided names of the attendees. If you do not get the email within two hours, please contact us. 

No returns or refunds allowed. If you are unable to attend, you can sell or give your ticket to somebody else. Please contact us before Friday 29 September in order to manage any exchange. No exchanges after that date.

If you wish to transfer titularity of a ticket, please contact us at

In order to accommodate for possible changes, we will be emailing your definitive tickets (including QR codes granting access to the venue) from Monday 2nd October.

These tickets must be shown along with your ID or passport from Thursday, 12th of October 2023, from 17:00, at the door at Penélope Disco, (Avenida Comunidad Valenciana, 120 – Benidorm), to be exchanged for the wristband allowing you access to the venue.



We collect your name and email in order to send you information about Funtastic Dracula Carnival, and more specifically about your ticket purchases. Also, several other information that we detail below.


Funtastic Dracula Carnival – more specifically its organizers, Carrasquer7 CB.


All the information we gather is provided by you

A) when you sign up with us using our My account form,

We record your name, email and password (which is encrypted into our database), and also your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

B) when you use the “Buy Tickets” form,

We record your name, email and the names of any person you are purchasing tickets for. We also record the IP for the device you are requesting tickets from. This we do as a protection means (for both us and you) against any possible problem related with the purchase.

C) when you “Allow Cookies” using the form at the bottom of our screen.

If you “Allow Cookies” to be used, we record information related to your interaction with our site, how you navigate through it, your language preferences, your geographical location and such. Please read our Cookies Policy to know more.


Basically, we need your consent for us to communicate with you via email. We would not be able to send your ticket info if we didn’t have your consent – that’s all. We also send you reminders when the Carnival date get closer and in case of any emergency. We use Facebook as our main communication method.

We don’t send email marketing or nothing like it. Far from our minds.


Absolutely no one. If you allow for statistics cookies in the Cookie Policy , Google Analytics will track and collect how you navigate through our site and we could examine the data in order to improve our site design. But we won’t! We have better things to do! We may take a look at it out of curiosity but it will come to nothing.

Anyway, if you are not comfortable with this Policy, you can “Decline” cookies and still navigate our site – but notice that you won’t be able to sign up for an account or more importantly, buy tickets. Also, if signed for an account but later prefer us to forget about you, you can Delete your own profile from the My Account page – or if you rather have us delete it, please contact us at and we’ll be more than glad to help.

This privacy policy applies to the website hosted under the domain, owned by Carrasquer7 CB, Valencia, C/ Escultor Vicente Rodilla, número 7, CIF ES98309586.