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Cuerdas Fuera Showcase

Cuerdas Fuera is a record label that, from the catacombs of Barcelona, publishes groups that move between punk and electronic music. The boss of the house, Yvette Erre, is slowly but surely making a name for the label among the best of the international underground ones. As deep fans of her catalog, some of the bands have already played at Funtastic. This year went one step further and we’ve asked her to be in charge of the noon party at the Sala Rockstar, for which she has selected three bands: Beta Máximo, Teo Wise and Tetas Fías. In addition, after the three concerts, she will play her favorite tunes.
As you already know, our maximum for the Funtastic weekend is ENDLESS FUN, and that is what we’ll have with Cuerdas Fuera’s Creepy Island.
Don’t miss it, scoundrels!!!