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Self described as the first “autism-core” artist, Billiam (a.k.a. Billy “Gotta Go Fast” Twyford, whom you may know from DISCO JUNK or COLLECTIVE HARDCORE) is a frantic, off the walls, 21 year old from Melbourne who’s been yelling into mics since until his voice snaps since he was 16. Billiam has been unreasonably prolific with his brand of snotty and paranoid punk music with lots of synths, weird guitar riffs and warped sense of melody as he yells about Shadow The Hedgehog and Hall And Oates inspired nightmares. His debut LP Corner Tactics (the first time he’s released a record longer than 15 minutes in his life) is an uncompromising cacophony of riffs and spits blended into a stew poured into a bowl with a hole that’s slowly leaking onto the table.
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Pic by Luke Keatinge