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Having made a name for himself in Nashville with squalling riffs, catchy
hooks and incendiary live shows driven by a magnetic and theatrical
persona, Gyasi (pronounced Jah-See) is a flamboyant artist who brings the
golden age of rock n’ roll into the 21st Century. Self produced and
recorded to tape in his home studio, Gyasi’s Alive Records debut vinyl full
length, “Pronounced Jah-See,” proves with his songwriting, producing,
and guitar prowess that rock and roll still has room to move forward. His
music can be described as a glorious hybrid of early David Bowie and
Marc Bolan but through a vision all his own. Raised in the woods of a West
Virginia holler by bohemian parents and currently living in Nashville, Gyasi
has been championed by rock luminaries as diverse as Rodney
Bingenheimer and Henry Rollins.

Pic by Scott Willis