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Connoisseurs of underground garage punk and punk wave will be familiar with Melbourne’s BRAT FARRAR. After releasing 5 LPs and a box load full of 45s, as well as touring far and wide, BRAT FARRAR has cemented their place in underground music circles.
Always mutating, the current BRAT FARRAR lineup contains Sam Agostino (Digger and the Pussycats/Kamikaze Trio) Loki Lockwood (Spooky Records/Velatine), Tim Wold (Brown Spirits/Kids of Zoo/Specimens) Andy Porter (Blowers/Cakefight) and Daniel Dempster (The Sailors/Tiger By The Tail). In 2024 BRAT FARRAR will once again return to Europe to play a run of festivals and club shows.
In case you haven’t heard, the BRAT FARRAR sound is reminiscent of early Wipers, Husker Du, The Spits, 80s synth wave music and sometimes like power pop bands recorded incorrectly.
Singles 2010 2020 is available through all major streaming services as well as on vinyl through Take the City Records, Ghost Highway Records and Beast Records