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The Marked Men is an American punk band originating from Denton, Texas composed of Jeff Burke, Mark Ryan,
Joe Ayoub, and Mike Throneberry.
The members have all been involved in other bands including Radioactivity, Mind Spiders, O-D-EX,
High Tension Wires, The Reds, Low Culture,Vomit Punx,and The Potential Johns.
The Texas foursome is known for catchy pop melodies laid on top of lo-fi Ramones style buzz saw guitars. Old school punk rock with a sweaty, energetic ferocity and an unerring knack for pop hooks.
They have released four albums through different labels like Rip Off, Dirtnap and Swami. Their last album, Ghosts, was released in 2009 through Dirtnap. They have not released any new material since 2009 but a singles compilation “On The Other Side” (Dirtnap Records, 2019) which is as close to a new album as it’s going to get. The band stretches its legs throughout this solid closing credits collection and shows why it’s one of the leaders of a sound that has never gone (or will go) out of style.
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