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Man or Astro-man? were born in 1992 in Auburn, Alabama, with members who claimed to be extraterrestrial beings whose ship crashed into Earth and decided to form a band to infiltrate with humans. They began their career performing in small clubs but their fame grew like wildfire and in 1993 they signed with Estrus Records, sharing the stage with other luminaries of the time such as The Mummies or The Phantom Surfers. The three LPs with this company achieved international fame not only for the music but for their striking covers with robots, aliens and space scenes. In 1996 they moved to Touch & Go Records, realasing “Experiment Zero”, an album produced by Steve Albini (Shellac, Big Black, etc.), who consolidated their unique sound. Between each album they dedicate themselves full time to touring throughout the United States and Europe, fully launching into experimenting with new sounds without abandoning their instro-surf essence. Their fame becomes unstoppable and they continue recording albums and playing in concerts all over the world.
Between 2001 and 2013 they had a kind of a break (we were lucky to have them at Funtastic in 2010), but they surprised the world with a new LP that sent them back into orbit.
Their shows are a truly spectacular: dressed as astronauts surrounded by extravagant sets with projections of science fiction images, they use devices such as Tesla coils and theremins for greater theatricality. Mainly instrumental, their compositions are a mix of classic surf and futuristic punk in which they mix audio and video fragments taken from B movies and old television series.
Put on your outer space suit and get ready for one of the best shows in the galaxy! !