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Moving from London to Hollywood back in 2014, Billy Tibbals quickly found a love for the city and its esoteric, debauched history. Combining this with his childhood obsession with British rock and roll, surrealist literature, and musicals from the 1940’s, Billy’s music presents a unique and fantastical view of the world around us.
This rock’n’roll sensation has quickly emerged as one of the great young hopes of the alternative LA music scene growing around Permanent Records Roadhouse and the other cool joints where the city’s kids find their kicks these days. Billy Tibbals Band soon caught the eyes and ears of Brent Rademaker’s Curation Records whom, in 2022, releases Tibbals first single “Onwards and Upwards” produced by Reza Matin from power pop wizards the Uni Boys, Tibbals compadres on the USA youthful rock scene with Matin also doing double duty as the drummer of Billy Tibbals Band. A year later, Black Crowes-legend Chris Robinson signed them for their debut album for his label Silver Arrows Records/Sony.
It’s a pleasure and an honour to have them on stage on their first European tour