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Author: Info Funtastic

Pablo de la Cruz

Even if I do not DJ often of late, I have received the Funta-Sign and I am extremely glad to bring back my noise to MY PLACE with MY FAMILY of choice. I hope that you like it, too.

(Pic: Milton Bananas @milton_bananas)

Oihane Follones

Oihane Follones is a down to earth woman that does it all and makes it seem effortless. From running a lathe cut business, to working in record stores, managing indie labels, DJing and playing drums in a band. Born in Basque Country, she moved to London when she was eighteen to work at a record store, and is now located in Berlin to run the record store Wowsville. She is the co-owner of the mastering and lathe cutting studio Lathesville while also handling European distribution and mail order of Slovenly Recordings. She calls Funtastic her home and family.

Johnny Alpha

Johnny Alpha is a purveyor of all things trashy, sleazy and raw. Playing a heady mix of greasy instrumentals, balls out rock n roll, pounding R&B and fuzz drenched garage .
He is probably best known as the host of the Killer Diller radio show. Wa one of the resident DJs at the GoGo cage in Liverpool and has djed at various festivals all over Europe including Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Boiler Club, Hipsville, Mojo workout, Born Bad festival and the Mica club.
He spends way too much time fingering through dusty boxes of records, searching for that elusive sound that only exists in his own mind.

Cosmetic Couple

Mundane pleasures lovers, they consider that music and food deserve second and third place in their ranking of weaknesses. Rebeca (Cecil B. Demented) and Juan (DJ Tanga) have set fire to the booths separately for almost two decades. Few years ago they have joined their minds and bodies dedicating themselves to selecting the best Punk, Power-Pop, Glam and Punk Rock songs in seven-inch format. Drama, crime and pure hedonism. Umami made flesh.

Annie Villamarzo

Born in the North of Spain and resident in Alicante, Annie began to DJ in different venues at her hometown many moons ago. She plays an impeccable mix of Power Pop and Punk Rock. Regular at Alicante’s Naranja y Negro Record Store morning sessions, the style of her sets has never departed from the main goal: make the people dance, dance and dance


Sebas Avilés

“IT’S GROOVY BABY !!!“ Possibly his most recurring phrase since the precise moment he lost his mind and fell into the magic pot of the 60’s (when he was still wearing his straight bangs). Hedonist, individualist, athlete of the night and the day…he likes women and he likes wine…This rogue – and Lord – has paraded his box of vinyl at 45 r.p.m through the best Festivals and Clubs in Europe in as far as underground 60’s music is concerned. «My musical tastes are wide and range from r&b, soul to beat and garage.
I am very excited to return to the Funtastic!!!! GUARANTEED PARTY!!!

Nathalie Magdenel

When Nathalie doesn’t play records, she tattoos arms, legs, and other parts of the body, but she doesn’t come to Funtastic to fill us with ink, but to make you dance until those arms, those legs and all the parts of the body ache.

Dr. Dr. Robert

Based in Munich he’s been spinning 60´s Garage, Exotica, R’n’B… records for more then 20 years. Robert also is running his well known club night called “Teenage Kicks” since 17 years and also plays/played the lead guitar in 60s bands like“The Majestic 5“, “The Royal Flares” and „ Neat! Neat!Neat!“ as well as organising the “Munich Garage Fest” Festival. Phew!!!
So get ready to go wild on the Hipsville-Funtastic dance floor!

Jordi Duró

I’ve been deejaying for years, sharing the tracks I discover by comping LPs . It will be a pleasure to return to the Funtastic Fest and make everyone dance

Hermanos Pizarro

The popular Pizarro Brothers, radio waves and children heroes, go to Benidorm with an immense amount of shellac records threatening to give again the rare retro-futurist note that the Funtastic Dracula Carnival deserves.